My Melty Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend.  I don’t have the time to write down all the details, but quickly – Amy’s friend Patrick visited and Friday night turned into a big RockBand Slumber Party that was Super Fun.  The party continued for pretty much all of Saturday, including group breakfast, spiritual conversations, lazing about, Eegees outdoors, a four-mile run (that again renewed my runner’s spirit), Salsa dancing – after which a boy offered me his arm while we we walking in the parking lot, IHOP until Really Late, a sleepy Sunday, church with a sermon that totally convicted me, and Applebee’s with a group who don’t usually hang out without the whole rest of the group.  Now that it’s over, I feel melty happy and am enjoying my week so far.  I hope everyone’s weekend was similarly melty, and to add to the joy, today’s post ends with a lovely question to gear us up for the beginning of the end.

What form would your patronus take? 

I would like to think that my patronus would be something adorable like a glow worm or a lightning bug, but when I really think about it, it would probably need to be more serious and fierce than those.  I love the word skunk, so that might be fun, but really, I think I fit pretty well with the good ol’ personality profile that describes me as a beaver.

What form would your patronus take?


3 thoughts on “My Melty Weekend

  1. I had a wonderful weekend! We hiked Mt Wrighston in little over 5 hrs and then went to Chilis. It was awesome.

    Answer to your question: I have no idea. I have to keep reading Harry Potter. I’m thinking of quitting. I haven’t read it in so long. I can’t remember where I was in book 6.

    Wanna sponsor me for the Ragnar? You can go to to see our bad news bears team and my awesome profile. 🙂

  2. Katie, I love how your weekend sounded! Wish I was there and could have taken part!

    to Lori: I am rereading (is that word supposed to be hyphenated?) all of Harry Potter – this is only the second time I have read them, and they are fantastic! You really need to catch up, and stick with it, I know you can! 😀 I think I didn’t read the 6th one till like 2 years after it came out and I didn’t really remember the others at all, so I know you can finish it and be just fine. 😀

    Katie: I have been thinking about my patronus too! haha, must be the back to back book reading and follow up movie (that I watch right after the book is over) haha. Hmm… I would like to think mine would be an Owl. (and btw, did you know there are quizzes all online to see what kind of patronus you would have!? haha)

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