Top of the Mornin’ to Ya

Good morning, dear readers!

I’m quite happy in life lately, and I’m going to tell you why.

Reason #1 that I’m happy: I’m hitting a groove with the early rising to spend time with God.  I backed off to 5:45 rather than 5:30, and things improved instantly and exponentially.  I evidently really need that extra fifteen minutes of sleep every night.  But it’s okay because I still have about 30 minutes with God every morning.  It sets me at peace for the rest of the day, and makes everything seem less urgent and enormous.

Reason #2: RockBand 2 arrived at my house yesterday!  I got home from work around 4:00 and saw that big, beautiful box, and all I wanted to do was open it up and jam out until bedtime.  I didn’t, of course, because I still had 2,000 words to write for NaNoWriMo.  So against my deepest desires, I went to Borders and wrote for 2 hours.  I did get to jam out for about an hour and a half, though.  Roommate Alix came home to find me jumping up and down, singing at the top of my lungs.  It was AWESOME!  Roxy seemed to enjoy the unpacking as well.  Here’s a picture:

Blurry phone pictures... Dah! Perhaps I should invest in a digital camera. I did just buy an ipod, though. Maybe next year 🙂

Reason #3: NaNoWriMo is REALLY fun.  I’ve been doing a good job of keeping up with my daily word goal, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to get emails each day that encourage me to keep writing and tell me what a wonderful job I’m doing.  🙂  There’s an official write-in on Saturday morning at Borders that I think I’m going to join in on.  Maybe I can get to know some other writers and find some critique buddies or possibly even real-life friends.  Yay!

Reason #4:  There’s been some disputation/hurt feelings and whatnot in the house lately, and I think it’s over.  I also had conversations with each of the roommates about the unfortunate number of intensely emotional, exhaustingly long, and overwhelmingly depressing dialogues that occur daily in our house.  I’m not sure either of the roommates plans to slow down much with these kinds of discussions in general, but at the very least, I think they’ll respect my wish to occasionally come home and talk about bunnies, rainbows, and – better yet – grace, hope, and faith.  Maybe we can even spend some time not thinking.  Maybe we can just enjoy each other and have fun… and I think the arrival of RockBand is probably just the thing to prompt this mood change. 

Thing #5: Nephew James is getting baptized this week! 

Thing #6: The holidays are coming, and there is a Savior to celebrate, merriment to be had, and food to be eaten.  Can’t you just hear thost sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling?  Okay, we live in the desert, but this is the first year that I’m going to experience Christmas caroling, and I’m jazzed.  I vaguely remember caroling inside a nursing home when I was a girlscout, but I think I was probably too ashamed to actually sing and instead just moved my mouth silently.

Thing #7: There’s a boy sleeping in our house.  Scandal!  Really, it’s just Roommate Amy’s friend Patrick who is here for some sort of interview thing that has to do with learning extra medical stuff.  Amy thinks I should have a crush on Patrick because evidently we’re perfect for each other.  I think that although she is good at picking out movies that I’ll like, she probably misunderstands my romantic desires in a bunch of different ways.  Also, I don’t really relish the idea of thinking of Patrick as a romantic target before genuinely caring about him as a person.  She’s well-intentioned, I know.  And who knows?  Maybe she’s a better match-maker than I give her credit for. 

Reason #8: Clam and I talked for awhile last night about Bible study, photons, and adobe reader.  Clam and I pretty much never talk, but in working with him on Bible studies, I’m finding that he’s delightful. I’m really looking forward to Bible Study tonight (BS if you will).

Reason #9: I heard a funny joke that I am dying to tell someone.  It involves Beethoven and some drunken men. 

Reason #10: I finished re-reading the 3rd Harry Potter (Prisoner of Azkaban) last night, and it didn’t disappoint.  Even after probably more than 5 reads, it’s still a fabulous bit of wonderment.

I’m now running out of legit reasons to be happy (or at least ones that I can write here) so I’m going to stop. 

I hope that all of my readers out there are feeling a similar sense of joy and contentment and I’d love it if you shared some of those things going on in your lives that make you happy in the comments section.


One thought on “Top of the Mornin’ to Ya

  1. Katie I love this post! You need to call me. 🙂 I haven’t talked to you really since before you went see your grandma. But today is Thursday so maybe you have Bible Study… so I won’t call you. I would love to respond to all 10 of your reasons, but it would be long, so I will wait to talk to you. Here’s a few tidbits: I am reading HP #3 right now as well! I’m trying to reread all of them, hopefully I’ll be done soon. I forgot a lot of this book…. I too find Adam delightful! His quiet cleverness makes me smile. Looooove the Christmas season! I am soooo excited, maybe I’ll have a White Christmas for real! …. Happy about your God time, your writing, and want to hear your joke… sad about #4… Anways. Miss you and love you. call me. or tell me when I can call you. =)

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