Recent Life

Okay, so usually I give myself the out of reblogging something on Wednesdays, but since I already did that this week, I will use today to tell you about the things happening in my life and whatnot.

1.  God – I am super jubilant and refreshed after my week away.  However, the everyday tedium is getting to me a bit.  To combat the no time problem that strangles us all, I’ve started getting up at 5:30 a few mornings every week to spend time with our Creator.  So far, it’s been wonderful, but exhausting. 

2.  Home life – There have been a few conflicts in the house lately, but I’m not actually involved in them.  Still, late-night house meetings aren’t all that conducive to 5:30 mornings.

3. Writing – I’ve been really struggling lately.  I haven’t had time or the inclination to work on the manuscript much, although I suspect that I’ll get through this revision relatively soon and move on to one final one (I hope that’s all it takes).  Part of the reason I haven’t felt like working on the manuscript is a new idea that is daring me to write it.  I did about 5 minutes of prewriting on it last night, just to get it out of my head so that I can focus on the task at hand. 

I apologize that STILL GROWING has hit a bit of a lull.  I know that my writing here hasn’t been great, but hopefully you’ll understand how much it takes out of a girl to try to write a daily blog post AND finish up a manuscript.  I have a few posts in the works right now.  I think I’ll get my thoughts organized for a rant about Facebook because I can.  You’re probably tired of hearing about it, but I want to write my thoughts out.  I’m also collecting some of the more entertaining sentences my students have been writing, so that’ll be another post.  I don’t have many other thoughts to fill the blog with right now, so let me know if any of you wants to write a guest post (PLEASE!) or if there’s anything you’d like to read. 

4.  My Birthday! – My 26th birthday is coming up and I’m thinking about throwing a party.  I haven’t really liked birthdays recently because I felt like a jerk.  It seems like having a b-day party is the same as shouting, “Look at me!  Celebrate me!” which is egocentric, self-serving, and vain.  However, it’s been several years since I had a fun party and I’ve been looking for a reason and a time to do two things.  Thing #1 is Rockband party.  First I’ll have to buy Rockband, but I’ve really wanted to have some friends over to rock out for a long time now.  Thing #2 is another gospel marathon.  So I’m thinking that the weekend before my birthday (November 30), I will host both of those things in a sleepover (wihtout much sleep involved) at our house.  We can order pizza and not worry about cooking or any of those annoying and complicated birthday arrangements that get me down.  Whoever can come should come.  Whoever can’t – it’s fine. 

5.  Teaching – I’m in the grading groove right now, enjoying my students, and keeping things under control.  However, I’ve been thinking more and more lately about how I’d really like to quit this job or at least back off and teach part-time.  I’m tired of losing my job every year and having a livelihood dependent on how much Americans value education.

6.  Exercise – I’ve done a couple of 6 mile runs, and I’m doing a 10K this weekend.  I really should have registered yesterday, but I forgot.  I got the Ipod, but I haven’t bought any music yet.  I’m using what’s left on the computer the Johnsons so generously gave me… so Christmas has already started for me & I’m jamming out to Sinatra as I run.  It’s actually kind of wonderful and relaxing 🙂

I think that’s it.  Thanks for checking in here.


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