That One Time When I Jumped Off a Balcony to Get a Boy’s Attention

Alrighty.  So this particular story is one of my favorites in all of my entire life – mostly because it’s one of my stupider, most adventurous moments, and it’s impossible not to look back on it with a bit of fondness and even pride.  If it weren’t such a precious moment in my history, I certainly wouldn’t have spent such a long, long time preparing the visual aids so that you can get the full effect of the story.

So here’s what was happening:

I had just started attending my current church, The Crossing.  In case you haven’t read the post I wrote about Dave, I should probably tell you that I ended up attending The Crossing because I was husband shopping.  I eavesdropped on several guys talking about God, and the rest is history.  One of those guys talking about God, though, was Justin.  Justin was this perfectly gorgeous basketball player (yeah – he played in college) who was tall, dark and handsome with dimples and a heart for God.  He was pretty much the reason I stuck with The Crossing for as long as I did.

One night, Justin decided to invite all of us over to his place to watch a U of A basketball game.  At that time, I hadn’t really gotten to know anyone very well, but I really wanted to go.  So I did.  I’m sure Justin extended the invitation to everyone, but I doubt anyone expected me to show up.

I went to Justin’s apartment (really nice by the way), and I watched the game with everyone.  After U of A won, we all went outside and wandered around in the dark like college students are apt to do.  And I don’t know how it started, but Justin and one or two of the other guys started doing some crazy trick things, and I didn’t understand.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s free-style walking,” Justin informed me just before following Scotty up a wall, over a trash can, and into a tree.  (I think free-style walking is now called free-running).

“I don’t get it,” I said.

“You should give it a try,” Justin encouraged after getting back to his feet.  “It’s sort of like doing an obstacle course.  You’re pretty athletic, right?”

Am I athletic?  Of course I’m athletic, I thought.  He’s athletic, and I’m athletic.  We’re meant to be together.

“A little,” I said.

“Okay!” Justin yelled to everyone.  “Katie’s joining in on the next round!”

I could tell by some of the faces around me that this may not have been a good idea, but obviously, they didn’t realize how spectacular and daring I am.

Just about the time I was reveling in my own bravery, the guys announced that they were going to do the balcony.  Evidently they’d done it before, and really enjoyed the height of this particular balcony.

So I followed Justin (and Scotty – but he doesn’t get his own picture here.  It would have taken too long) up some stairs onto an apartment balcony.  I can’t imagine what the people inside were thinking while we had this adventure.  🙂

And Scotty proceeded to gracefully show me how it was done.  He climbed over the little barrier wall thing, and expertly jumped off the balcony, over the sidewalk, and onto the grass – where he absorbed the impact with an awesome roll forward.

Then Justin went.

And he did a similarly perfect jump, then stood up and encouraged me to go.

Did I mention that I have a slight fear of heights?  Because I do.  Anything to impress a boy, though, right?  So I climbed over the wall thing and stood on the edge for a really long time, trying to talk myself into a brand-new situation.  You see, I’m not the kind of girl who can back out of anything once I’ve said I’ll do it, so I didn’t even consider not jumping.  I just hoped to magically be in a new situation.  I would rather break a leg than be the kind of chicken who backs out.

So I jumped.

And I made it over the sidewalk nicely, but the grass was a bit wet, and I’d never tried to do a land then roll thing before so instead, I just did a land then fall thing that I’ve practiced a few times before.

Had the balcony been a little lower, or my behind a bit more steel-like, it wouldn’t have been a big deal.  But neither of those things were the case, so it hurt.  It really hurt.

Yet it wouldn’t have impressed Justin very much if I’d done anything unpleasant like cry or curse.  So instead, I put on a brave-ish face and pretended that the whole thing was funny.  Ha Ha ha ha hahahaha Ha!

Hahahahaha ha HA ha Ha …. Ha?  ha? hahaha?  ha?

Then I went home and found an icepack.



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