Brain Dump #10

I was reading an article called Revenge of the Introvert that I related to and laughed at myself about.  Here’s a quote:

“Even a simple opener of “Hello, how are you? Hey, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about X,” from anyone can challenge an introvert…  Even if the introvert responds, “I’m good,” she’s probably still reflecting on how she is: Good? That’s not quite right. I really have had a pretty crummy day, but there isn’t a quick way to explain that. She wants to first work out privately her thoughts and judgment about the day. She also may evaluate the question itself: I hate that we so often just say ‘good’ because that’s the convention. The other person doesn’t really want to know. She may even activate memories of how the question has struck her in the past.”

I’ve definitely had that internal dialogue in my head before, so it made me laugh to read it. 

I may have to buy this AWESOME bumper sticker even though I don’t have kids. 

For some wonderful laughs, click on over to HYPERBOLE and a HALF, and read about “The Four Levels of Social Entrapment.”  There are hilarious comic-strip pics to accompany analysis of awkwardness. 

Read this fantastic post from TH Mafi about “How To Write a Novel.”  I’m at about step 42, although my length ambitions are nowhere near 200,000 words.  I’m more like “Huh… 50,000 words is a lot.  The kids don’t really need to spend ALL of their time reading, right?”

Here’s something to take note of – Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has banned technology from its campus for a week so that students will think about the impact it has on their lives.  Awesome!

Durham University will be offering a Harry Potter course.  Think they’ll offer it online?

Friend Lori sent me the link to this bit of wonderment.  Klingon space opera.  Enough said.

This video is AWESOME!  I first saw it when I was studying education and tired of answering the question, “Are you sure you want to teach?”

I think I’m falling in love with this guy and his witty way of promoting those things that are most important to me.  Here’s another that’s slightly innappropriate, but touched the reader/writer/teacher in me to the core.  And after you watch this one, head over to You Tube and watch the one about the Impotence of Proofreading.  It’s good.


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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