Is Facebook a Farce? (via Fungai Neni)

I’m reblogging another person’s post because it’s amazing and Wednesday is occasionally my day off from blogging anyways. 🙂


Is Facebook a Farce? To everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Monday on my Facebook profile, thank you. But it wasn’t really my birthday. Before you work up a sweat, please allow me to explain. I am getting so tired of this over-reliance on Facebook to keep people up to date with everything happening in their peers’ lives that I wanted to see just how many people would realise that they had already wished me a happy birthday this year, on my real birthday months … Read More

via Fungai Neni


One thought on “Is Facebook a Farce? (via Fungai Neni)

  1. Katie, I immediately thought of Matt G. when I saw the thing about chaning your birthday! I remember he once said he would never put his birthday on his profile, or he would change the date every so often…

    I was thinking about the “friend” thing the other day actually… I have 132 friends on facebook… and really only keep in contact with about 30 of them. I have to look at my list just to see who I have been “missing” … It’s odd really. I liked this post, thanks for sharing!

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