My Weekend

It’s Monday!  I had an excellent weekend and I’m going to tell you about it.

At some point this weekend, I watched A Knight’s Tale with roommate Amy, which was rather wonderful since we both quote it endlessly.  We love Chaucer and the fantastic representation of Prince Edward. 

“Your men love you,” he says.  “If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough.  But you also tilt when you should withdraw, and that can be knightly too.”

Oh my gosh.  My heart melts at those lines. 

On Saturday, I went for an unfortunately short run in the middle of the day.  It was only 90 degrees for the high that day, but I struggled quite a lot.  Apparently there’s a run this weekend that some friends might participate in.  It offers the option of a 5k or a 10k, so I may try out my first 10k, although I’m definitely not in tip-top shape just yet. 

Saturday evening, I went to Rockin’ Java, which is a coffee shop connected to the Alive Church.  I worked on my manuscript for a couple of hours there, then I met up with some friends from back in the day, and went to church with them.  Sir Scott, Judy, and Garrett are amazing friends from my Cool Church days and it was awesome to reconnect with them.  Sir Scott and I both volunteered with the youth group at TCC, and Garrett was in the youth group (well part of the time… he was too young for even the Jr. High group when I first started serving there).  The first thing I said when I saw them was that Garrett wasn’t even the same person.  It’s strange that I’m old enough to have seen him grow up so much.  Evidently, though, I’ve changed a bit since my Cool Church days… Sir Scott started out by saying that he didn’t want to embarass me, but continued on to talk about the transformation I’ve gone through over the past 5 years or so.  It’s nice to have people from my past both pointing out the good changes God’s been making my life as well as my starting point.  Sir Scott and family are a blast from my past that remind me of my roots.  🙂  The Alive church service didn’t knock my socks off or anything, but it was nice to get out into the world again.  I feel like my world has been shrinking for awhil now… I’ve been only attending my church and no others since returning from Mongolia (wow, more than a year ago), and it’s nice to remember that other people love My God too, and they do it in different, but still beautiful ways.

Sunday morning, I had a REALLY fun time hanging out with an Iraqi refugee family I’ve sort of adopted with Friend Shasta.  We spent more than 2 hours just talking, and it’s amazing the crazy things we ended up talking about: artificial insimination, same-sex couples, and c-section births.  At one point, Friend Shasta was trying to explain how a same-sex couple might use artificial insimination to have a baby, and she ended up saying “The boy puts it in the girl,” which made me giggle.  But in her defense, how else do you really explain such things to a non-native speaker?  In addition to that funny moment, this particular visit was just wonderful because I think we were all more relaxed towards the end than we ever have been.  In two weeks, we’re going to take Taif (that’s the mommy’s name) out for driving practice.  🙂  She has a permit, but doesn’t get to practice very much with three kids, a working husband, and only one car.  So I’m jazzed about that. 

Also this weekend, I went to a Comic shop and bought the second book of ABSOLUTE PLANETARY, which I will review when I finish it.  I know that most of my readers aren’t into the graphic novel stuff, but I’m reviewing it anyways.  🙂 

I made an attempt at cooking short cakes, and I definitely destroyed them, but that’s a different post. 

I ran into an acquaintance at Starbucks before church yesterday, which was great.  She does some stuff with Dorrance Publishing that I didn’t know about, and she writes, so we talked about maybe sharing some of our work and writing together.  Also, Sir Scott reads MG fantasy a lot and has agreed to read for me.  Now I just need to figure out what to send them.  🙂 

Abrupt Stop… The END.


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