Visual Aids For You

For awhile now, I’ve been taking pictures with my phone in the hopes of blogging about them.  However, they’ve just been taking up space for the past few weeks, so I will proceed to overwhelm you with them now.

Exhibit A

I decided to make Missy’s flourless chocolate cake recipe, and this is an action shot of the egg whites.

Exhibit B

There was a part of Missy’s directions that said I should find a heat-resistant bowl and do some double boiling or something… I didn’t know what that was, but did some problem-solving and came up with the pot on top of a pot with water inside of it.  Nice, huh?

Exhibit C

The finished product!  Yes, I know it’s a bit misshapen, but still ooey, gooey, good.

Exhibit D

Roommate Amy and I threw a bachelorette party last week, and on the way to buy supplies, this beauty of a storm happened.

Exhibit E

The termites that are infesting our house have built a mud tunnel.  The termite guy came and obviously befriended our little adversaries because they’re still hanging around.

Exhibit F

I decided that I need some grown-up salsa dancing shoes.  Yes!  I tried them on with every dress I own, and they are spectacular.

Exhibit G

I walked into the bathroom at work the other day, and there was this lovely post-it stuck to the mirror.  And I thought to myself, what a perfect thing to post for all of the insecure high schoolers to see while they doll themselves up for the boys.  Cute, huh?

Exhibit H

This is a movie room that Roommate Alix was kind enough to invite me to visit.  It has movie posters all around the walls, a huge projector, crazy lights that can be dimmed, and this enormous couch and ottoman.  Sorry the pic is blurry.

And with that, I’m off to bed.


3 thoughts on “Visual Aids For You

  1. love the pics Katie! good job on the cake. crazy about the termites, wonderful storm, awesome shoes, and great post it note! did you know that the post it note is part of “operation beautiful”? i’ve heard about it for a while, but never have seen one in person, i just might to post one up myself! check out the link:

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