Late Night Run

Yesterday was a long day.  I had open house at work last night from 6:00 to 8:30 ish, so I left work at about 4:00, went home for a couple of hours (during which I took a short nap), then returned to talk to parents.  Most teachers despise talking to parents – but not me.  Parents may actually be my favorite part of my job.  They are so grateful when a teacher seems to care about their kid, and if the student has been talking to them after school about how much they love my class, there is pretty much a 0% chance that any parent is going to bug me at all.  Mostly, they just like to tell me about how much more their son has loved reading since my class started, so I’m thrilled to talk to parents.  I think that a lot of the teachers who struggle with parent-teacher relationships also struggle with teacher-student relationships.  I could be wrong, but I tend to think that they probably struggle with inter-personal relationships as well.

So anyways, I finished up talking with parents, waited for the traffic in the parking lot to clear up, and went for a run.  Unfortunately Friend Lori is currently out of town, so I didn’t have a running buddy.  It was all for the best, though, since I wouldn’t have been able to run at our normal time anyways.  Also, this was my first nighttime run and my first 4-mile run.  Lori and some of my other friends are in training for the PF Chang’s marathon/half marathon.  I’ve never done much more than a 5K before, so I’m pretty jazzed and scared to be aiming for 13+. 

At the beginning of last night’s run, I wasn’t using my flashlight just yet.  I have one that’s nice and small and yet makes me feel a little like Jack Bauer because it’s so cool, but it still makes the permanent knot in my right shoulder (from the softball pitching days) become more painful than usual to carry anything in my right hand while running.  Without the light, though, I wasn’t able to see much of anything except the creepy full-ish moon hidden behind the clouds.  My guess is that there were at least a dozen werewolves just waiting for the moon to become slightly more visible, but they weren’t the only creatures out last night.  I nearly squished this cute little tarantula guy.

He was ambling across my path, and I had to do some crazy ballet moves to avoid killing him.  After that, I turned the flashlight on and put up with the pain in my shoulder. 

The 4 miles took me almost exactly 40 minutes to run, which was my goal time, so I’m pretty jazzed about that.  Maybe I’ll be able to do the half marathon in and hour and forty.  We’ll see, though.


One thought on “Late Night Run

  1. Dang Katie! That’s pretty good for 4 miles! You may have to leave me behind!! I tried to run 4 miles last weekend, and then it started raining like crazy and lightning. So, I’ll have to today.

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