I Win… Sort of

I woke up yesterday feeling really tired.  In the past, I’ve been the stick-in-the-mud person who goes to bed exactly 8 hours before she has to get up, but this year is going to be different.  I have roommates who like to bond late at night, and I just miss getting to stay up late.  That being said, it probably wasn’t necessary for me to debate gun control and September 11th conspiracy theories until midnight… but hey, it happens, and I think we all enjoyed our conversation.

So when I woke up yesterday morning, I was a bit drowsy.  I dragged myself out of bed and did my morning routine (including the new stuff like putting mousse in my hair in an attempt to be more girly), and I went into the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of Banana Nut Crunch.  I sat down at the kitchen table, and the chair I was sitting in made a suspicious noise, but I wasn’t at my most alert just yet, so I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it.  Big Mistake.

Now, before I continue, I’d like to say that this particular chair has been around FOREVER, and Alix has glued it back together at least twice since I moved in with her 6 months ago.  I will be the first to admit that I weigh a lot… but I don’t weigh THAT much.

Obviously you know where I’m going with this.

I spooned some cereal into my mouth and Alix started talking about work or something, and with just one more suspicious noise, the chair gave up the ghost.  I used my lightning-fast reflexes to catch myself, but it may have been wiser to let myself fall.  You see, I ended up squatting there for what felt like forever, because I couldn’t quite get up with the table and the wall and the despicable chair in my way, but neither was it appealing to just let myself drop.  I felt like I had salvaged a little piece of dignity (of course I was deceived in thinking that… all dignity was gone), and refused to let myself drop.  Alix didn’t know what to do, so she was no help.  I finally managed to maneuver my way up and then realized that with the chair gone, I had nowhere to sit and I didn’t want to move.  So I sat down exactly where I would have fallen if I had just let myself.

Here is the result of my morning adventures.

So even though my pride is wounded a bit, I still feel like I won.  🙂  That chair will never torment me or anyone else ever again.  Hah!


3 thoughts on “I Win… Sort of

  1. Funny story! Is the chair in the trash??

    I’m going to have to get serious about fixing the $50 dining set I bought on craigslist… I am afraid those chairs are going to do that to me… they’re already all glued together.

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