Ungirly Part 2

My frittata is in the oven, so I thought I’d take some time to tell you about my ongoing quest to become more girly.

I am an athlete at my core.  I like activities that require me to wear myself out physically, obtain the admiration of others, and improve by working harder than I ought to.  Cooking doesn’t really appeal to me, mostly because it’s an unknown – like many other things that traditionally belong to girl world.  It isn’t that I wouldn’t love cooking and other girly things if I tried them out.  Really, I believe one hundred percent that God made me to be a woman for a reason, and that there is a red heel-wearing, manicure-loving, domestic, delicate flower and chef extraordinaire  just waiting to be released.  I believe that God made me to submit and help and nurture with the best of ’em… I just haven’t had a whole lot of an opportunity or a model to follow after.  But we’re going to change all of that.  There are several wonderful women in my life who are going to be my Obi Wans – starting with Friend Missy.  I don’t know Friend Missy all that well, but she’s provided me with a wonderful resource in her blog, so I’m going to use it.  I’m going to cook!

This dedication to becoming more girly has been a long time coming, but there have been a couple of times in recent weeks that sort of pushed me to it.  The first thing is Salsa dancing.  I love that dancing provides a tangible opportunity to submit.  The man is supposed to lead in dancing, and it doesn’t work if he doesn’t.  Also, I don’t know much about dancing (I did take that one Jazz dance class that helps a little) so not only am I letting my partner lead, but I’m also learning from him.  Nice, huh?  So that’s great practice, which is why I started off on this ungirly series with the story about Salsa-ing.

However, just a few days after Amy made me gorgeous for Salsa, I went to this church dinner meeting at Friend Pastor Mike’s house, and he did some amazing cooking.  He didn’t quite have things finished when we all started arriving, so people jumped in and helped… except for me because I felt completely inadequate in the kitchen.  In my family, most of the meals are easy things you can make that are certainly meals, but not quite sophisticated like the shrimp pasta and grilled veggies that Mike had going.  At one point, when I was standing by and watching Lisa marinate (that’s the right word, right?) slices of a strange, round veggie with purple skin-ness, I had to ask her what it was.  She informed that it was eggplant, which seems common enough that I should probably recognize it on sight, but I didn’t.  In fact, I hadn’t ever even eaten eggplant before that night.

So, that brings us up to today.  I looked over Missy’s blog and decided to cook her most recent recipe.  Usually, I scour through recipes to find the ones that don’t intimidate me.  Am I capable of pouring a pound of frozen corn into a pot? I ask myself.  Why, yes I am… what a great recipe.  I should probably make this one. 🙂  This time, I didn’t allow myself that escape.  I went ahead and talked myself into the frittata (which I’m sure I keep misspelling) in spite of the fact that Missy had listed eggplant as one of the veggies she used, and my pride was still slightly wounded from needing Lisa to identify the odd purple-skinned slices for me.

I started out by going to the store and buying my ingredients.  In addition to eggplant, I had never before purchased zucchini or yellow squash.  Luckily, I was on the phone with Friend Jordan while I picked them out, so she described to me what each of them looked and felt like in their peakest quality.  I brought everything home & put it away in our kitchen, then took a nap.  Shopping is hard work.

Nice knife, huh? I love this knife precisely because it is larger than it needs to be. Also, I can use it to skillfully transport chopped stff from cutting board to pan. 🙂

About thirty minutes later, I woke up and worked a little on the manuscript and another writing project, then I finally got started.  My first problem was that I’d never chopped up eggplant and wasn’t exactly sure how one goes about it.  Did I need to peal off the purply stuff?  Who knows?  I left it on and just did my best.

Buzzzzzzzz!  Hold – while I check the oven.

Not finished.

Where was I?

Oh yeah.  I remember.

I did my best chopping up the veggies, but I’m not a fan of measuring things, so my veggie to egg ratio was way off.  Also, I ended up with a bit of spinach on the wall, and I’m pretty sure that isn’t supposed to happen.  Here’s a picture of it.

But mostly, things went well.  I didn’t even make all that much of a mess of the kitchen, which will please Alix to no end – or perhaps it won’t, because cleaning seems to be therapeutic for her.

Buzzzzzzzz again.

Alright.  Done this time.  Here’s a picture.

I am going to let it cool off for a bit, and then try it.  I will let you know how it tastes in a later post. I will not tell you if it was good or not.  It’s not the product that matters this time… it’s the process.  🙂

Any ideas on what I should do this weekend to nurture the delicate flower inside?  I’m at a loss and may simply choose another recipe.


6 thoughts on “Ungirly Part 2

  1. That looks so good! I’m so hungry! I think it’s hard to cook for just yourself. But you can cook for your roommates! I love to cook for Steve, it’s something nice I can do for him especially when he works all day. And he’ll eat anything I cook- even if it’s gross.

  2. I had sad feelings when I read you first post about your feeling ungirly and not pretty. You are a beautiful woman and I say that not just because I am your mother, but because it is true. I have always loved the way you look healthy and wholesome and pretty all at the same time. I feel a little guilty because I never taught you to be a “girly girl”. Frankly, I never knew how or wanted to be one myself. So, I could not really teach you to be what I am not. However, I do not feel unwomanly, nor do I think you should feel that way either. Being strong and capable and independent are not unwomanly, but they may be ungirly. I guess I still hate that “girly” word and I see it as different from “womanly”. I would much prefer the use of the word womanly. Having clarified the wording, I definitely think that you should experiment with womanly things like different clothes and makeup and cooking and dance and whatever sounds interesting and fun to you. By the way, your fritatta was excellent!
    Now, about the submission to men thing—I have trouble with that, too. I have trouble with submission in general. I believe that God gave each of us women intelligence and talents that he expects us to use. We, should, of course, be careful when, where, and how we use our abilities and use them in ways that are acceptable to God. There were a lot of very strong women in the Bible that God used in very important ways and God can use strong women today, as well.

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