Brain Dump #5

Publishing/Writing Stuff

I’ve done a decent job writing for the past few days.  I’m at about 38,000 words right now, which is a short 7,000 from my minimum goal.  Yay!  What a ridiculous roller coaster the writing world is.

Here’s some of the stuff I encountered on the intertubes this week.

Random House & Amazon & Agent Andrew Wylie are in a bit of a scuffle about e-book rights.  You can read about it at either of those links.  My own thoughts are scrambled & confusing, but mostly, I just don’t like the implications of completely passing by a publishing house to do the e-books thing.

I’m not sure if this is publishing news or geeky news, but The Great Gatsby has become a video game, which I think is pretty cool, although I probably won’t be buying it anytime soon.

You can now check out e-books from the library (well, from some libraries).

Here’s the Old Spice guy’s take on libraries:

And a wonderful parody of the Old Spice guy:

This post article thingy describes with startling accuracy my relationship to my book and my current state of active non-accomplishment (or at least the feeling I have that I’m in a constant state of active non-accomplishment).

I just read this crazy good post by a YA author, & it made me feel sort of like convicted.  Not in the spiritual way, but in the “I’m stereotyping boys in my book” sort of way.  I freaked out a few days ago because I got my first taste of the lack of male readers in YA problem, and rather than thinking about the problem, I started worrying that my book won’t appeal to girls.  Why didn’t I think about ways to make it appeal to boys?  I have a boy main character, but he’s definitely the nerdy kid mentioned in this post.  Also, my book is probably more MG than YA, but still.  Shouldn’t I work on making him more real?

Other Stuff

This is just a cool image from NASA of Mars.  Basically, an orbiter took this picture of an impact crater, & it reminded me of how I feel right now about everything in my life.  🙂

God Stuff

Today’s Friday $5 stuff over at R.C. Sproll’s website appealed to me, so here’s the link.  I’m thinking about ordering the first book on the list called A Taste of Heaven, but after the huge purchase of the XBOX 360 this week, I’m a little hesitant to buy much else – even for only $5.  ALso, I haven’t yet watched very much of the DVD set I ordered about the Holiness of God.  I should probably stop stock-piling books & other resources, & actually use some of the ones I already have.


5 thoughts on “Brain Dump #5

  1. Chris: I knew that Westboro Baptist was going to be protesting in San Diego, but the response to them is interesting. I guess my thoughts on it are that it would be more effective to ignore the Phelps crew. Westboro has been protesting stuff & stirring up trouble for a REALLLY long time. They’ve protested military funerals so often that Bush had to pass legislation to keep them from doing it. It’s sad that they are the ones getting the attention – partly because attention is what they seem to want, & partly because comicon is way too much fun to spend it outside protesting anything. The real way to stick it to them is to go inside & enjoy it.

    Lori: I did not do any searches. Everything I post on Friday Brain Dumps just comes from the blogs that I read all week. Other literary people did the work finding those videos. 🙂

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