Inception Review

I went out with a group of friends to see Inception last night.  Since I still haven’t finished reading any books (I know.  I’m working on it.) I thought it might be nice to review a movie for you.

Even after I decided that I’d join my friends at the theater last night, I had no idea what Inception was about.  I don’t get any channels on my TV.  I don’t spend much time doing anything on the interwebs other than checking email, blogging, & researching publishing.  And I don’t go to the movies all that often… although I have been going a lot recently.  If I were to do any or all of those things, I’d have seen a movie trailer, & known what I was going to see.  However, not knowing made it pretty spectacular.

Inception is an adventure-packed, thought-provoking film, & I recommend it to everyone.  It had some violence,  but not anything that made me look away.  I don’t think there was any profanity or even any sensuality.  Yet, I was invested.  I loved the action, the character development, the pacing.  Everything about it was great.

I’m going to try not to give anything away here, but basically, the story is about the subconscious mind… and in particular, the subconscious mind during sleep.  There is a Matix-esque feeling to the settings in the movie because they are created within the human mind, as are the settings in The Matrix.  This was the element of the film that most caught my attention.  For example: our main character builds a setting of his own choosing, and he works on it for decades.  It’s a wonderful bit of characterization because we get to learn about those things in his life that he’s unwilling to let go of.  It answers the question, “If I had an indefinite amount of time to dream, what would I want to dream about?”  It’s interesting to think about because the dream world seems so harmless.  It seems like we ought to be able to pick anything just for pleasure & blame our choice on the subconscious.  Then, we get to wake up, & move away from that dream world & back into the real world.

I’m going to get introspective now…

While watching the movie, I casually thought about my own dreams.  If I had an indefinite time to dream, what would I want my dream to be about?  The unfortunate answer that hit me right away is that I’d want to dream about softball.  I’ve managed to convince myself that simply staying away from softball is enough.  It keeps me from idolizing the game or myself or the opinions of others about me & my talent.  The truth is, though, that part of getting rid of idols is not simply to avoid them.  That might be the first step, but wouldn’t it be a thousand times better to be able to be around that idol & still put God first.  By avoiding softball, I’ve kept it on the pedestal it’s always been on.  Off in some distant part of my mind, I grant it respect & love (as well as hate) & importance.  I’ve kept it as an idol that I’ve just forbidden myself to look at.  Interesting.

Our main character in Inception struggles with something completely the same & completely different.  He refuses to move on from his past, just as I have refused to move on from softball.  He beats himself up over it just like I beat myself up over softball.

I’ve gotten way off track now, but as you can tell, Inception is the kind of movie you think about after you leave the theater.  Watch it.  Don’t even be sad if you have to pay full price for your ticket.  It was good enough that I didn’t mind the cost.


2 thoughts on “Inception Review

  1. Katie! I am soo excited to see this movie, I am going with my dad next week! =) I’m glad to hear you liked it, I can’t wait!! 😀

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