Brain Dump #5

Okay, this is a weird blogging week, which you should all expect more of as the summer comes to an end, & I have to be a normal, working person again.

I didn’t post Wednesday.  I was in Phoenix & I didn’t even finish reading a book.  Wednesday reviews will probably be the first to go when work starts up again.  I’m moving the brain dump from Friday (tomorrow) to today because I have something I wanted to write for today, but didn’t get to it yet.  Remember, I just got back from Phoenix.

Prior to tomorrow’s post, though, there are some things that I need to tell you to lay a foundation.

Thing 1:  Katie knows that she is not perfect.  She also knows that she is morally inferior to a million people or more, and would never mean to imply any differently.  If she says that most people who do this or that are not Christians, she is NOT saying that those people are worse people than she is… She IS taking note of the situation.


Katie:  Most people at Comicon are not Christians.

Friend:  How can you know that?

Katie:  Well, in nearly all settings, that’s true.  Jesus even says that it’s true when He says that the gate is wide and the road is broad that leads to destruction and many people go through it.   So most people in most places aren’t following Him.

Friend:  But how can you judge people that way.

Katie:  I’m not judging them.  I’m not talking about individuals & their hearts.  I’m making an observation.  Also, just think about what goes on here.  It’s all idol worship.

So, when you read things like that tomorrow, Katie is really thinking about herself, & her relationship with God.  She went home after Comicon & did A LOT of reflecting about this setting & whether or not it is appropriate for her to be in… the jury is still out.  If you think that she is a hypocrite for being at a place where there is idol worship, she’d like you to know that her thoughts on this relate heavily to Thing 3, which she will get to in just a moment.

Thing 2 (just like in The Cat in the Hat!): Katie has written A LOT of really nice things about geekyness, & enjoys & admires the geek world in a lot of ways.  However, even too much sunshine burns.  There are also negatives, & I want to spend some time writing about those tomorrow.

Thing 3: Katie is studying adiaphora, which is one of those big words that is fun to know.  Basically, adiaphora has to do with things that are indifferent.  I’m interested in adiaphora in the context of morality… there are A LOT of things that are neither inherently good nor inherently evil.

Example: Dungeons & Dragons.

However, D & D has been highly opposed by lots of Christian communities, so Katie would like to examine her own D & D experience in the context of adiaphora & wisdom.

Thing 4: Katie is a person… Most of you reading this know her, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.  But one of the most interesting things about people is when they seem to display some sort of contradiction within their person. Those contradictions are not always true contradictions, sometimes they are like the three-in-one God.  It doesn’t really reconcile in my brain that God is simultaneously Father, Son, & Holy Spirit… and that all three of them are 1 person.  C.S. Lewis says it’s like an egg.  I don’t really get it, but I also do really get it.  It’s something that seems like a contradiction that isn’t.  Tomorrow, please allow Katie her own contradictions (example: She loves & hates geeky things.  She admires & abhors Wil Wheaton.  She has way too much time this summer, & yet, not enough.)  She recognizes those contradictions that take place within herself.  But if you argue that one side of one of those contradictions is true and the other false (or that one is important and the other not) she will oppose you.  The complete truth is complex, & she will not allow you to neglect a whole piece of it.  EXAMPLE: tell her that Wil Wheaton is a nobody who uses the F-Bomb way too much & doesn’t deserve his fame, & she will tell you that he is an excellent story-teller, a conscientious celebrity, & a hilarious performer.  However, tell her that he’s the greatest actor ever & she will tell you that he is politically self-righteous.

Last Thing: Katie hasn’t yet figured out where the line is between bloggable material and private material.  Everything I’ve written about other people has been really difficult for me to figure out.  I would hate to write something here that causes anyone issues with privacy or anything else.  I want to encourage & build up, not tear down.  That being said, part of writing a good blog is being honest & vulnerable.  That’s part of ALL good writing regardless of the vehicle it comes in.  Therefore, I share things that happen in my life… and there are people in my life who get blogged about.  Let me know if I ever cross the line.  I don’t think I have just yet, but I’m going to take a step closer to it tomorrow to be honest about my struggles with the adiaphora that is the world of geeky fun.

Publishing Stuff

Recent studies show that people read the printed page faster than e-versions of the same texts, but that the number of texts a person will read in any given amount of time increases when they use e-readers.

There’s also a study out about how a gift of books can help disadvantaged students gain the advantage over their peers.

Kiersten somebody-or-other explains the enduring success of paranormal romances in this wonderful blog post.

Really Cool Pick From NASA. (You’re looking at an asteroid.)

Monday’s narrative is about Boss Pat… I’m really struggling to come up with a story that’s very long, but she was an amazing Boss, so check it out.


2 thoughts on “Brain Dump #5

  1. Wow, so you’d describe what goes on at Comicon as idol worship? Maybe just some people do that, but others just go there to have a good time? I don’t know, haven’t been there… Looking forward to tomorrow’s posting!

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