Brain Dump #4

This is the other one of the posts that I stupidly published before I meant to, but I added some stuff to it, so read it again anyways.  🙂  For those of you who subscribe, would you let me know what happens when I do this?  Do you get multiple emails on the one post, or do you only receive the first one?  I don’t get it.

*REMINDER: Don’t forget about the Gospel Marathon tonight.  Enough people have shown interest that I think I’m going to move it into our living room and provide a few snacks.  COME!  Fair warning – I’ll probably take at least a few pics to post here.

Writing Stuff

Over at Ficly, I’ve created my first challenge.  I’d love it if you guy would participate, but don’t feel obligated.  I also published another story over there that I’m pretty proud of.  Unfortunately, I seem to write mostly sad stuff on their site.  I’ll work on that, but click here if you wanna read my new story.

Here are the details for the challenge the story appeared in:

It could be a relationship or a comedy routine; it could be the method of making widgets at the widget factory or a thousand-year-old cultural tradition. Whatever it is, it’s been that way for a long time.

Until now.

Write a Ficly or series about the moment when something changes. The more seamlessly you work in your exposition and backstory, the better.

I’m getting ready to make the final push to finish a complete draft of the manuscript!  I spent today playing with note cards (they make it easy to move scenes in the story around & appeal to the parts of me that are kinesthetic & visual), trying to figure out if I have to reveal certain things, or if they could be saved for a sequel, and pacing around doing a lot of thinking.  I think roommate Amy has decided I’m crazy, which may be true… we’ll see.  The difference between insanity & brilliance  is often only marked by success 🙂

For those of you who like numbers, I’ve got about 34,000 words right now, & between 12 & 18 thousand more to write.  If I can get myself well-organized today, it should only take me 6 – 10 days to do it!  Then rewrites will probably take me awhile, & I’ll start querying agents pretty soon after the school year starts!  I’m jazzed! (Hence all of the exclamation points)

As far as the blog goes, I’ll be back on Monday with a non-fic narrative about Dave.  I’ve been really looking forward to writing about him because I seem to have a lot of stories about him that should be pretty easy to tell.  🙂

Geeky Stuff

Here’s the second part of Act 1 – Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog:

I bought a couple of T-shirts over at J!NX that I’m super jazzed about.  One of them says that guns don’t kill people.  Magic missiles do.  The other says:  Then Buffy slayed Edward.  The End.                 So keep your eyes open for those.  I’d love at least 5 compliments for each of their debuts 🙂

Roommate Alix came into my room one day last week while I was working on a particularly important part of my manuscript & started singing.  I didn’t actually recognize the song she was singing, but she sang for a REALLY long time.  She went on for so long, that I started to feel awkward about my facial expressions.  I was genuinely enjoying this moment with her, but you run out of faces to make after awhile.  Occasionally, she would even pause for several moments, making me think that she’d finished singing… and then she’d start up again.  🙂  So here’s a lovely video of the song she was so epically performing for me.  This video is almost as awesome as the performance I received.

Real World OLD News Stuff

“Space shuttle Discovery and its seven-member crew launched at 2:38 p.m. EDT on July 4, 2006 to begin their journey to the International Space Station during the STS-121 mission. The shuttle made history as it was the first human-occupied spacecraft to launch on Independence Day,” (NASA .gov).

If you’re in the mood to read stuff about our Independence Day, you might want to check out John Scalzi’s post called Status Check, Re: USA.

Happy weekend to all, and to all, a good night!


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