The Matrix Doesn’t Have You, Neo… Walmart Does!


I’ve been struggling to find bloggable material this week.  So, while shopping for groceries just now, I thought it might be funny to post about all of the things I wanted to buy, but didn’t.  I got my phone out & took pictures for you that I will now post and then comment on.

While I was doing all of this excellent photography, I started thinking about a recent discovery I made when going through my credit card statement: I spend way more $ on groceries when I shop at Walmart.  In fact, I spend about $40 more at the Walmart Neighborhood Market than I do at Sprouts, and about and additional $25 more when I go to the Walmart Supercenter.  In fact, I talked myself into driving past a Supercenter to get to the Neighborhood Market on this particular trip… just to save $.


Look up above at all of the things (and those that I posted were just the ones that I got decent pictures of.  There were at least 10 more items that I didn’t post pictures of) that I wanted, but restrained myself from buying.  When I go to Sprouts, there are about 2 things that I want but never buy.  When I go to the Supercenter, there are about a billion.  I think the reason I end up spending so much more $ at Walmart is because I can only tell myself ‘no’ so many times.  It gets really tiresome to keep checking labels then putting things back… then checking prices, then putting things back.  Walmart is brilliant.  They sell enough of a variety of things that they wear me down by showing me item after item that I really like & want to own! 

Walmart has us!


2 thoughts on “The Matrix Doesn’t Have You, Neo… Walmart Does!

  1. Katie, do you go down the toy aisle?? How do you end up in the aisle with the silly string???

    I like your taste. I LOVE the cookies and cream hersheys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I should go to Walmart and get the fruit bars- those are kind of healthy and really good. That’s it, I’m definitely going to Walmart.

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