Romance for Every Mood

Yesterday, the unsecured wireless one of our neighbors has been generously (although probably unknowingly) providing for us stopped working.  I was hoping that it would come back on soon, but as it didn’t & it had been about a month since I’d done any in-store research on the publishing industry, I gathered my bag of researching junk & headed over to Borders.  There, I saw this lovely sign promoting Harlequin Romance books:

I particularly like the title on the left: Overtime in the Boss’s Bed.  Also, I sort of thought that romance in general requires a specific mood.  I’ve never gone the Harlequin route (thank God) but I occasionally read a Nicholas Sparks book for sappy, warm & fuzzy emotions – and even that requires a significant mood shift from my norm.  Generally, in order to even get to the Nicholas Sparks, I look through all of my Fantasy, Historical Fiction, YA drama, ChickLit, Mystery & Classical selections before deciding that I’m in a uniquely romantic mood.  So I somehow struggle to believe that any one genre (romance especially) is capable of adequately supplying  material to appease my mood changes.  I wonder if there’s any person alive whose moods could all be satiated by romance.  If there is, I’d really like to meet her.  I suspect that she doesn’t exist, but if she does, she’s sure to make it big on reality TV, & maybe I can cash in on discovering her.  I’d make millions!

Also at Borders, I picked up 4 books from the Buy 1, get the 2nd half off section (BOGO for those of you who do your shoe shopping at Payless).  I tried to talk myself into getting YA (Young Adult – pretty soon, I’m going to stop explaining the abbreviation, so you should really learn it) or MG (Middle Grade – for kids in 4-6 grade) books that would help me with my genre, but there were just too many books written for grown-ups that appealed.  I also reasoned with myself that all reading should help me become a better writer… right?  So I ended up with Crazy Love by Francis Chan with Danae Yankoski because it seems like everyone in my life is recommending it to me lately.  Also, I picked up When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris because he’s one of my favorite short story voices, & I think reading his work will help me to figure out my blogging voice.  The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi was a spontaneous pick, but its Thailand setting fits nicely with my recent interest in Eastern culture and I’m all about reading predictions of futuristic turmoil right now.  Finally, I did end up with a MG fantasy called The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull that has some SPECTACULAR cover art and a really wonderful back-jacket hook.  A few books that I almost bought are How God Changes Your Brain by Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman, The Blind Side by Michael Lewis, and Speak which is a YA must-read (that I haven’t read) by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Borders provides me with some really good research (I’m starting to really hate Barnes & Noble for no apparent reason) and I always find BUNCHES of books to buy (as evidenced above),  but I’d also really like to find a local bookstore to support where I can have a cozy little bookstore home.  If anyone knows of any I should check out, please list them in the comments for me & I’ll give all of your suggestions a visit.  I think I’d also like to find a local comic book shop to start going to as well, so let me know if you have any advise on those.  There are a lot of spots I’ve found online that I’ll try to visit this summer, but I’d really prefer to go places that have been recommended by people I trust.

Also yesterday, I ran across a website that I thought might interest some of you.  If you click here, you’ll be transported to a site called Ficly.  It’s a place where authors (and aspiring authors) can go to be creative.  One author posts a challenge that encourages other authors to write about a specific topic or follow specific guidelines… a prompt if you will.  Other authors then create works of fiction that are 1,024 characters or less (who knows why they chose that number?).  They then add prequels or sequels to it, collaboratively creating something wonderful.  Here’s the link to my profile & here’s the link to my first story called No One Would Notice.

The challenge details were as follows:

Suicidal Tendencies

Challenge Deadline: July 18th, 2010

Write a story about a Suicidal Person or someone trying to Reason with a Suicidal Person.

-It has to be Serious
-It has to provoke emotion
-And it should preferably be in first person

Good Luck!
-Lone Writer

I definitely fudged the serious rule a bit by using Annabelle as our narrator, but only you who’ve read the blog will know.  Also included in the story are Roxy the cat & Drew the Human.

I’ll link over to Ficly anytime I write anything, & I encourage you all to do the same.  🙂  The writers there have already been super encouraging to me and I’ve only written the one story!


2 thoughts on “Romance for Every Mood

  1. The book Overtime in the Boss’s Bed made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the comic relief.

    I’m not aware of any local bookstores. They’re not really my kind of place, usually weirdos hang out there… 🙂 But, in college, a lot of my classmates and professors loved Antigone Books which I think is on 4th Av? I’m not even sure if it’s there anymore…

    So, I clicked on this thing from about Eclipse and vampire love (I’m going somewhere with this that doesn’t relate to Twilight- don’t freak out) and I started reading it.. I realized it was a blog that is linked somehow with Msn. Anyway, it had some coversation in it and other commentary and it really reminded me of your blog. So, I just wanted to say that I think your blog is high quality.

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