My So-Called Life

I have a few updates on my life to post today.  First off, I’ve got an interview for Wednesday.  It’s a SUPERFRAJELISTIC (sort of like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mixed with fragile) opportunity because there are several positions I’ll be interviewing for all at once, & they’re all at the school I’ve been working at for the past 2 years & LOVE, IRHS.  I really want them to take me back (sounds a little like unrequited love, huh?), so I’m pretty nervous.  There are something like 6 positions for regular English teachers that they need to fill, & there’s the one that I really want – my SEI position.  Basically, I’m interviewing for the job they just took away from me, but they’ve changed the position A LOT.  Because there are so few English Langauge Learners at the school, they can’t really justify 4 hrs with the SEI teacher.  So that drops the position down to 3 of those classes.  Last year, I taught 2 American Lit. (JR. English classes), & right now both of those classes are gone for next year.  That doesn’t mean that my principal won’t work his magic & find more FTE, but as it is right now, my old position (which was a 120% contract) has been decreased to 60%.  Although it’s financially preferable to be full-time right now, I’m not convinced that going down to 60% is a horrible thing.  I should still be able to make rent, & it will give me incentive to keep working on my book.  Also, on the writing front, I’ve found an agent I REALLY want.  In all of my research, I’ve found a lot of super reputable senior agents who probably aren’t willing to take a lot of risks on new talent, & who get to be super picky about the works they represent.  Those agents aren’t really as appealing to me as a less widely-known agent who is at a reputable agency.  I like this idea because you get an agent who has a wealth of support & wisdom at her disposal, but she’s probably going to be more willing to work with a new author,to throw herself into my project (rather than mine & 62 other authors’ works), & she’s going to be HUNGRY to make a good sale.  I’m not going to put the agent’s name here, but the link to kidlit in my blogroll (off to the right there –>)  leads you to her blog.  If you’re BOREDOUTOFYOURMIND, you can check her out.  Finally, I met my writing goal for the day, which is great, but I still need to work on my fanfiction entry for the Wil Wheaton/John Scalzi contest.  I’ve been neglecting it in a horrible way because I’m losing confidence in my chances.  My writing is okay.  It’s probably even above average, but I think the winner will probably be someone who groks the whole thing a bit more than I do right now.  I understand a lot of the individual elements pretty well, but when I synthesize them, I don’t think they come together in the BRILLIANT, witty, absurd way that a story about Wil Wheaton on the back of a Unicorn Pegasus Kitten trying to spear the green orc version of John Scalzi in a setting with epic volcano eruptions should.  🙂  I’m trying, though.

Now that I’ve come to the end of this post, I recognize that it’s just an enormous chunk of text with no breaks in it (which is something I’ve ranted at my students about on more than one occasion), but I’m not really going to change it now.  You can cope.

OH YEAH.   Also, my car is doing its best to break again, so I’m taking it in tomorrow.  BLEH!  AND my $50 gift card to Amazon just arrived.  5 more, & I’ve got myself an XBOX 360 bundle with all of the necessities, including HALO 3 & another game.  🙂  🙂



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